My Life – Some Preliminary Notes

There comes in a time in life when one begins to look back, and feels that one ought to record something of what one has done in life, how one has got to be where one is today. I have now reached that stage in my life, and these are my memoirs, looking back at those distant days when I was still setting out on my long journey through life.

Self portrait chin on handsI have been fortunate. I had wonderful parents and an excellent education.  I was then fortunate enough to meet a wonderful girl who became my wife and with whom I have had three super children. I have also been extremely fortunate in that with the help of my wife, I have spent my life doing what I love, that is producing an archaeological magazine Current Archaeology.

Confucius said Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life:  this has been my own case, and I think I can say that I have never worked in my life!   I have always enjoyed myself – well, mostly.  Here then is an account of what I had done, which will I hope will build up gradually as I look back at various episodes in my life.


On to the Introduction


Andrew Selkirk