My name is Andrew Selkirk, and my life has been dominated by the magazine I founded, Current Archaeology.

Current Archaeology is a magazine devoted mainly to British archaeology which I launched with the help of my wife Wendy in 1967. The magazine was a success from the first, originally in black and white, but then in 1986 it went into colour and then to the bigger A4 format.  It expanded rapidly around 1990 and then in 2003 I was joined by my son Robert and we launched a second magazine, Current World Archaeology, devoted to archaeology world wide.  My son then set up a company Current Publishing which publishes both magazines and in 2010 we added a third magazine, Military History Monthly. I am now Editor-in-Chief of all three magazines, which means I am semi-retired so I am able to devote myself to writing a history of the world entitled Barbarism and Civilisation.

I was born in 1937 and was educated at Rugby where I headed the Natural History Society and did my first excavations. I then did my National Service in the Army, learning Russian and then went up to Oxford to read Greats at New College, and becoming President of the Oxford University Archaeological Society.  Believing that before studying the past, you should first study the present, I decided to become a Chartered Accountant and I served my articles with Smith and Williamson in London and became editor of Contra, the magazine of the Chartered Accountants Students Society of London.  I also chased girls, met my wife, and eventually married her in 1966, and together we launched Current Archaeology in 1967.

I have a happy family life. My parents were farmers and I have two brothers, Frank who is married to Sheena and now living in Spain, and Stuart who sadly died from motor neurone disease in 2000 – his widow Jill still lives in Cornwall.

With Wendy, in a cafe in Vienna

I have a wonderful wife, Wendy, and we have three children, Fiona who works as a catering assistant at Morrisons, Alexander who is a computer expert and does the computing side for Current Publishing, and then the youngest Robert, who has taken over Current Archaeology and is married to Libby. They have four children, Eloise, born 2006,  Isabel born 2008, Jessica born 2009 and now Max born 2011.They have now gone to France for four years so  that the children can learn French – click here for their new house.

In these pages I hope to tell more about all these aspects, while at the same time forming the front end to an autobiography which I am periodically setting out to write.


On to My Father


Updated, 16th January 2016